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Customized Weight Loss

The first visit would be at our facility where a dedicated team of board-certified providers will perform a complete medical examination that includes a physical examination, review of your medical history and past dieting history, order lab work, and calculation of your body mass index (BMI). We will make a customized weight loss plan which would include B12 shots, appetite suppressant and a exercise regimen. After that, you would be visiting us through our state of the art telehealth portal each week where a provider would be interacting with you from the comfort of your home. We would need you to buy a digital blood pressure machine and a digital weighing scale so that we can monitor your progress remotely. We now have the capability to prescribe medications remotely and send them to your pharmacy. The duration of the program would be no more than 3 months. 

BMI is a measure of body fat based on your weight and height. Because it doesn’t measure body fat directly, it’s not accurate enough to be used as a diagnostic tool. Instead, it’s used as a screening tool to identify potential weight problems in adults. Typically, those with a BMI of 27 percent or greater are candidates for physician-supervised weight loss.

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Our weight loss program centers on follows a diet where one does not have to calorie count to lose weight. Our use of appetite suppressants in inappropriate settings promotes weight loss by increasing your metabolism, decreasing hunger pangs, and controlling cravings.

The cost of the program costs only $189 dollars a month for three months, which includes a visit with your provider, monthly B12 Shots, and prescription medication. We also screen you for diabetes and check your electrolytes (a value of more than $350).

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You will be charged $189 fee each month for the next three months to visit the provider onsite every month and get an evaluation and B12 shots and online test of the weeks.


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